We offer services tailored to the linguistic needs of audiovisual environment, such as the transcription of audio files, the voice over (superimposed on the speech of a particular speaker translation) or subtitling.

We transcribe audio files of all formats: we transcripts from a DVD, CD or digital format (.mp3, .wav, .mov, .avi, .mpeg, etc.) and deliver it to a CD or DVD, the Internet in different formats (.pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.) or even in print according to customer specifications.
And besides, you can combine our transcription service with translation, summary, or creating press releases.

  • Business Transcription: We cover all possible variants of transcription business, such as transcripts of interviews, meetings, conferences electronically, orientation sessions for groups, dictation and more.
  • Transcription of multimedia materials: Transcript of podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Medical Transcription: Transcription of reports and medical records, physical examination reports, reports of high, operative reports, consultation reports, etc.
  • Legal Transcription: Transcripts of statements, judgments recordings, verbatim, legal interception of calls, correspondence, memoranda and other internal communications.

BBLTRANSLATION has specialists in the art of voice over, which is mainly applied in the media. The result is a translation superimposed on the speech of a particular speaker.
Translation service (voice over) of corporate videos.
Professional corporate video recordings.
Service message recording for the voice mailbox of your company.

Subtitling service (interlingual and intralingual) of corporate videos or any kind of video file into the language combination requested.
Subtitles are essential when problems of comprehensibility audio from the audience to whom the message is sent, either by language combination or because of hearing impairment.
In BBLTRANSLATION subtitled corporate videos, commercials and promotional videos, training videos, tutorials and demos.