Translation and interpreting services at weddings, as a personal shopper, on guided tours and for copywriting.

While it is essential, often the translation is not sufficient. Customs, protocol and nonverbal language are aspects that should be well known and taken into account if one aspires to a global interaction in an international context in which the language is a simple tool. The use of language is one of the many ways through which one can express a culture but excellence in their use does not guarantee the absolute efficiency in a multidirectional communication.
As always in BBLTRANSLATION we like to go further…
We offer a consultancy service to guide our clients in this area, an indispensable complement to the strictly linguistic communication. Examples could be as many as cultures in the world, but we chose some illustrative situations in this regard:

  • In a business meeting in China, should you get up before or after their partners?
  • Do you give or not hand in greeting to a woman of Arab culture should?
  • In the context of a professional event in Brazil, what should be the correct space between the actors? Would it be applicable also in a country like England?
  • The protocol when giving and receiving a business card in oriental countries like China is very different to that established in Europe. How should we act if we are in this situation? For example, should we receive the card holding it with one or both hands?

In BBLTRANSLATION we are prepared to guide you in these situations and many more which can be found.

BBLTRANSLATION offers interpretation services before, during, and subsequent to the ceremonies of civil and religious marriage to be developed under the legal provisions in force in Spain.
These services include translation of legal documents, interpretation tasks during the celebration of the act and linguistic advice back to its development, fundamental to the marriages between people of different nationalities.

BBLTRANSLATION offers interpretation services by professional personal shoppers. Undoubtedly, are an attractive option for both individuals and groups interested in making shopping tours in cities for World Luxury panorama as Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Paris or New York.

BBLTRANSLATION offers its customers both individuals and companies, the possibility of having the services of accredited multilingual guides that allow them to have the information necessary to enjoy without restrictions any tourist activity. We address to:

  • Persons conducting tourist routes
  • Educational institutions

Creative and advertising texts for your business, special and carefully written texts for publication in advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing departments, radio and television, newspapers, publishing houses and magazines.